Forest Beauty Skincare Website Gets AI Makeover, Reduces Bounce Rate 14.25%

Founded in 2017, Forest Beauty is a popular skincare brand that’s gaining international recognition. This is its third year as a finalist at the #PureBeautyGlobal awards. But along with their solid growth and the high honor of the award, 2020-21 also brought some uncertainty for Forest Beauty — as it did to almost everyone in ecommerce thanks to the pandemic.


Website SaaS providers not converting enough traffic, bounce rate too high


Invest more on AI-driven personalized marketing and less on ad spend.



decreased bounce rate


conversion increase


Average Order Value increase


“Getting a clear understanding of each customer’s preferences and behaviors matters a lot. When we engage at the right time it improves CX and ultimately, customer retention. We get more bang for our buck on ad spend by getting more return customers.”

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Forest Beauty

When COVID hit, traffic spiked and ecommerce marketing managers all over the world were racking their brains to think of ways to get consumers to stay longer on their websites and buy more.

Maintaining the increased traffic with more advertising was an option but it wasn’t a long-term solution. Advertising can help grow traffic, but converting requires special effort at the point of sale.

As industry-leading studies have concluded, the sure-fire way to optimize conversions in 2021 is still to make sure your website CX can empathize with consumers, build trust and increase brand loyalty.
The Problem

Website SaaS providers not converting enough traffic, bounce rate too high

Forest Beauty had previously worked with two well-known SaaS providers to provide recommendation systems that promised to convert more on-site traffic.

However, the results lacked the high conversion rate that Forest Beauty sought. Even though they had a lot of traffic, not enough of it was converting.

Also, daily maintenance took a lot of time, making the cost of ownership too high and the returns too low.
The Solution

Invest less on ad spend and more on AI-driven personalized marketing

Realizing that their website recommendation components were costing more than they were worth, Forest Beauty began looking for another solution.

In November 2020 Forest Beauty got a demo and tried and tried it out for two weeks. They could stick with their original website layout, add the new SaaS components and then test the results.

The package Forest Beauty signed up for included the top two products, personalized product recommenders and personalized discount pop-ups

Personalized product recommenders

Recommendations can appear on the homepage (you may also like) and on the product page (see if you like it), ensuring that visitors see products that are uniquely suited to them from start to finish on their customer journey.

The “You may also like” recommendation on the Forest Beauty landing page.

The more the visitor views, adds to cart, or buys, the more accurately the recommendation engine becomes at predicting what that visitor wants to see.

It’s at this point that a website really begins to make more cross-sells because the products being recommended really resonate with shoppers.

Personalized discount pop-ups

Another way Forest Beauty gets the most out of ad spend is to reduce their bounce rate with personalized pop-ups. creates pop-ups that offer hesitant visitors one-to-one recommendations and discounts in two different situations:

1. When a customer is about to abandon a cart
2. When a customer is about to switch pages

A personalized discount pop-up can discourage comparison shopping and cart abandonment.

AI generated preference profiles personalize discount and recommendation pop-ups. Knowing individual consumer’s preferences, and engaging them in a timely manner can make a big difference, especially when it comes to window shoppers. So even if website visitors have a weaker intention to buy, they can be encouraged to keep shopping.


decreased bounce rate


conversion increase


Average Order Value increase

The Forest Beauty case shows how with the right on-site marketing tools, the shopping journeys of your existing customers can convert more often.

For ecommerce marketing teams, the recommender has some big advantages over its competitors:

  • Simplified onboarding process is quicker and easier to install
  • Daily maintenance takes less time with more automation on the backend
  • Preference profiles for recommendations are compiled automatically
  • Recommendation imagery is more accurate with product tags derived automatically from AI-driven computer vision

The really big advantage though is that product discovery with the solution is genuinely personalized with one-to-one recommendations in real time.

Websites that provide this more advanced personalization are able to get more sales from existing traffic in the short term and keep customers coming back.

Enabling merchants to understand the language of fashion.

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